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The benefits of a Post Close Home Inspection

Proactively Mitigate Health and Safety Issues

A home inspection can reveal potential safety issues that threaten the health of your family. Mold, radon, and termites are just a few examples of health hazards that home inspectors can help identify. A professional home inspector will also provide recommendations in the inspection report for dealing with these safety issues before they can cause any harm.

Uncover and address items for repair or maintenance

A thorough home inspection can help uncover hidden issues with your new home that might not have been noticeable during a routine walk-through. This allows you to proactively address issues like improper wiring, major structural issues, roof damage or mold in homes. And once you move in, you’ll have peace of mind to enjoy your new home without stressing about renovations.

Insights to Build a Budget and Plan for Future Improvements

Every home can benefit from regular maintenance and care. Along with a thorough home inspection report, a professional home inspector can also take you on a tour of your new home to show you how things work, while providing tips for future maintenance and upkeep.

                                                Informational inspections


  Empowers the buyer to better understand the property and exactly what they’re purchasing.

The inspection includes:

  • Information that empowers better planning

  • Mitigation of risk for unexpected surprises 

  • Full disclosure on the property so you can prioritize and budget upon possession 

  • Inspection report acts as an instruction manual for the new home 

  • Education on how the property operates

  • Complimentary technical advice from their inspector for as long as they own their home

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